MGA Legislative Mission

The Missouri Growth Association (MGA) is uniquely positioned as an advocate for an industry that impacts nearly every sector of Missouri’s economy. As a result, the MGA is not only committed to advancing good public policy for our industry, it is committed to being a practical resource to those making policy decisions affecting the overall business climate in Missouri.

Missouri must be a “solution state” that strives to improve administrative transparency and consistency, establishing the perception that our state is “open for business”. The MGA knows competitiveness and economic strength of the State of Missouri will be hampered by the elimination of critical tax credit and economic development tools, but also recognizes the need for a fiscally responsible effort to simplify and modernize those existing programs in a manner that enhances their efficiency, efficacy and return to the taxpayers.

MGA focuses on legislative efforts including strengthening the Missouri business climate, not only through the efforts of the commercial real estate industry but across all sectors of potential growth. We will support efforts to foster new investment and job creation as well as the infrastructure needed to support this growth.

Our Political Action Committee

In 2014 MGA launched the “MGA PAC”  in order to compliment our legislative efforts in Jefferson City and locally.  The formation of the PAC gives us the opportunity to have a more balanced approach in our governmental affairs efforts by providing a mechanism to contribute to candidates that understand our issues or are open to hearing our position.  We must educate new candidates on industry issues, and support those who share our common goals for Missouri. 

To support the MGA Political Action Committee, contact us at 314.961.2211.


215 S. Kirkwood Rd. Ste. 202
St. Louis MO 63122