Our Mission

The economic health of Missouri and the vitality of the real estate industry are inextricably linked. The Missouri Growth Association (MGA) supports policies and programs which spur economic growth across all business sectors, fosters immediate and long term job opportunities and creates a strong economy for the State of Missouri and its citizens. The MGA supports programs and policies that have a proven track record and a measurable return on the State’s investment.

The MGA is committed to supporting a productive business climate in Missouri by advocating for the reform of cumbersome programs and policies which hinder Missouri’s ability to retain, grow and recruit new businesses and a robust workforce. While based in the commercial real estate industry, the MGA maintains a broad view towards protecting a supportive business climate and reducing the burden of institutional hurdles on those seeking to invest in our state.

The MGA also supports efforts to establish a fair and equitable property taxing system for all Missourians.


Board of Directors

MGA Board & Leadership


MGA Board & Leadership


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