MGA Legislative Alert. April 27, 2018

The House Committee on Government Oversight abandoned hopes this week for adding deeper reforms to Senator Hegeman’s SB 590 realting to the Historic Preservation Tax Credit and advanced the bill out of Committe clean without amendments. Once it passes the House Rules Committee it will then be eligible for floor debate in the House. The MGA continues to be heavily involved in negotiations surrounding problematic langauage relating to financing requirements as well as sections allowing DED some discretion in the awards process. We have had a series of discussions this week, and more planned for next, with leadership and have alternate language for consideration. The heavy lifting continues on this legislation.


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Governor Eric Greitens. The controversy surrounding Governor Eric Greitens continues to unfold while both chambers of the legislature are focused on continuing their work. At his end of the week press conference, Speaker Todd Richardson told the media that more than a majority of republican caucus members had signed a letter that would call the legislature back for a special session to consider impeachment. He also told the media he is currently in talks with leadership of the minority party to begin getting signatures from those members. The House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight has held several meetings this week and is focused on finishing its investigations before a special session on impeachment is held.

Tax Credit Reform. The House Committee on Government Oversight approved Sen. Hegeman’s SB 590, reforming the Historic Tax Credit program. The Committee did not make any changes to the bill. The bill must next clear the House Rules Committee before it is eligible for floor debate.

Missouri Works. Senator Jay Wasson’s legislation that extends the sunset on both the Missouri Works Training Program and the Missouri Works Program was voted out of the House Rules Committee was brought up and laid over last week by the House. This is generally an attempt to cut off amendments. Currently both programs are set to expire in the summer of 2019. Senator Wasson’s legislation extends the sunset on both programs to August 28, 2030.

Amateur Sports Tax Credit Extension. Representative Jean Evans was able to add her bill that would extend the sunset on the amateur sports tax credit as an amendment to two bills in the General Laws Committee. Both of those bills will now go to the House Rules Committee.

Budget. The Senate finalized its version of the budget on Wednesday. The largest point of contention came when Senator Jill Schupp offered an amendment to add $50 million to the foundation formula. If Senator Schupp’s amendment had gone on, it would have ensured the formula was fully funded because the House approved full funding in its version. However, appropriations chair Dan Brown argued that if the Senate were to add the amendment, the Senate would lose its ability to negotiate with the House on other Senate priorities. The two chambers are expected to begin conferencing to reconcile the differences next week.

The Senate did not change the House’s final number on the funding for the Missouri Partnership. As a result, this item will be non-conferenceable and the Missouri Partnership will be fully funded. The Senate went with the Governor’s position on funding for the Urban Teaching Program, which has been awarded to Teach for America for the last several years. The Governor recommended $750,000 in funding and the House recommended $1.5million. The two chambers will decide on a final number in conference later this session. The Senate gave the k-12 funding formula the same increase the Governor requested, $48million, rather than the $98million that the House passed. The Senate split this $50 million savings between school transportation funding and long-term care facilities.

Municipal Court Reform. Senator Bob Dixon’s bill that was intended to rollback many of the provisions included in former Senator Eric Schmitt’s municipal court reforms that were passed in 2015 and 2016 was perfected on Thursday afternoon. Senator Jamilah Nasheed led an effort to ensure that the percentage of revenue that municipalities can raise from fines and fees was not increased. The legislation still needs to be third read in the Senate and make it through the entire House process. With only three weeks left in regular session, that is unlikely.

Tax Reform/Transportation Funding. House Speaker Pro Tem Elijah Haahr’s tax reform proposal was given final approval in the House by a vote of 91-61. In addition to multiple changes to Missouri’s tax structure, Haahr’s legislation also suggests raising additional revenue for roads and bridges by increasing user fees which have not been raised since 1984. The legislation will be heard in the Senate Ways and Means Committee next week.

Senator Bill Eigel’s tax reform bill that also includes additional funding for roads and bridges remains stuck in the Senate Fiscal Review Committee.